get a life

Rarely do I feel impassioned about something so much that I just have to write but I have found that something! This has nothing to do with computing so those that normally ignore can now listen.

My issue is with the whole Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross thing that is plastered all over the media. I mean do people not have a life and can they not get a joke? I fuckin hate these kind of people. As much as I have championed the Russell Brand podcast on here before I’m no real lover of his stand-up material so I think I’m pretty unbiased about all this. The facts of this whole situation are, number 1, only two people complained about the show when it was aired or in fact in the first week, that means that all those who listened thought it was fine. This means that the 10,000 people who complained since decided to listen to something that they knew would offend them, yet they still listened. Should we even pander to the opinions of these “demi-gods”? I mean, they had the option of just not listening but chose to listen and be offended. Number 2, they asked Andrew Sachs, the offendee in question, if it was ok to broadcast it and he clearly didn’t say no. Number 3. Gordon Brown wants to get involved. Is the whole country not in enough of a mess without listening to this man tell YOU what to do. So the unemployment rate is rising and what does he want to do, sack two people, good one 🙂

So the crux of this matter is if any of your friends are genuinely offended by this please don’t call them your friends. Don’t fool yourself into being offended just because you don’t like Brand or Ross or are jealous of their money – that would just make you look weak. The offended people are those that want to turn this whole place into a nation of dreary shitheads. Stand up against this and tell the media where to go. If I can think of some way to stand up to these shitheads then I will. In fact, now that I think about it, I actually have a Russell Brand related domain name that maybe can be put to good use ( Fusspot Farm, which is probably exactly where we should send these people.