more json and java

My post yesterday was actually intended to be a placeholder where I was planning to include a build of Douglas Crockfords Java JSON library that I have been using on some recent projects. However, I seemed to get carried away while writing and, as you can see, ended rabbiting on more than I intended. The result of this was that by the time I got to the end of it, I could no longer see where my original point fitted in to the discussion.

For the record, there are other Java JSON libraries (, and to name two) but these are way way way too complicated for a simple application, and/or also have far too many dependences. The files in the jar file included at the end of this post work out the box, no need for other libraries.

So, anyway, today I thought I may as well get round to putting this jar file up on this site . This is not something that you can’t get elsewhere but I wanted it easily available for ME. Also, if like me, you are happy just to get a jar file, and really don’t want the hassle of building the (small) library, then you can just get it from this ere blog; at the time when I built this I could only seem to find the source, hence why I thought I may as well build it myself and host it. The javadoc for the code can be found at and the link to the Java jar file I created can be downloaded using this link. If anyone has any issues with me hosting it then let me know and I will take it down, otherwise enjoy it.

Java JSON Library jar file