ok ok ok

Right well,  I suppose that I had better eventually put something on this.  For those fools that followed my last blog then it’s gonna be a little different around these parts!  First, I’m gonna try and not swear, but I guess that rule won’t last too long.  Next, this is going to be more computer/software (maybe music) related mumbo jumbo. However, that said, I’m sure I will spill out some vitriolic attacks when someone pisses me off enough.

This was just a short entry to get the ball rolling and hopfully with a little nudge now and again (aye you Richie) will keep this current and up to date.  That said I spent about 30 mins trying to figure out how to make a post on this site as in the month since I set it up I had completely forgotten how to login and then once I found that I had no idea of my username and password – thank the browser god of autocomplete.

Anyway the old www.feellikefalling.com site is still going with new tracks being added now and again.  So you will just have to keep track of both now 🙂