about me

I’m Gregg O’Malley and I am currently in the process of creating my own fledgling startup called Neonburn to allow everyone and anyone with an Android tablet to create amazing interactive digital signs. Prior to this I was as a Research Associate at the University of Glasgow funded by NHSBT to develop both software and algorithms for NHSBT’s (NHS Blood and Transplant) Kidney Exchange Program. We use Integer Programming (IP) techniques to identify potential transplants for patients on the paired donation matching scheme. The software is written using C++ and Ruby making extensive use of the COIN-Cbc IP solver and Ruby on Rails web framework.

Prior to this I worked at Regenersis writing software using C# with ASP.NET MVC and Ruby On Rails. I’ve also been self-employed for some years and during this time I created a few websites included a new online cycle store (www.cyclewize.com) for an established cycle shop here in Scotland and an events and promotions company in sunny Sydney Australia (www.summitdjs.com). These were mostly done in PHP using the CakePHP framework.

In the not too distant past I completed a project in the Medical School at University of Glasgow for allocating medical students to course electives, learning groups, and so on. This work was closely related to the research I carried out for my PhD in Algorithms and Complexity, which I completed in late 2007 – my thesis specialised in matching problems.

In addition to this I have also worked as contractor on various other web based projects and some C++ MFC development for companies such as OKI. Prior to all this I worked as a full-time employee for both Cisco Systems and OKI.

Contact Me : [escapeemail email=”gregg@equivalence.co.uk”]